Vetiver - Heema Natural Handmade Soap

This subtly scented vetiver soap is an excellent way to start your day.Our vetiver soap is carefully handmade with the highest quality natural ingredients that have been prescribed in the texts of Ayurveda , the classical Indian source of healing.These soaps are made with 100% pure coconut oil base and and vetiver to cool your skin and whole body.

  • It does not cause any irritation or suffocation since it’s a natural product free from chemicals, preservatives or alcohol.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is a great skin toning cleanser and helps to relax rejuvenate and refresh.
  • Completely free of parabens and artificial fragrance.
  • It leaves skin really soft and the difference is noticeable from first shower itself.

Vetiver oil & concentration, Coconut oil, Lye, Talc powder & clove.